We're for the efficiency in every move.

For us not to waste your and our time during the interview, make sure that you agree to our Rules before registering for the interview.

We've created them to help you not to give up and to make it all the way.

1. I give you 40 days for 12 meetings. This means 3 meetings a week. After the end of this period the number of meetings is reset to zero.

2. For every meeting you receive a new document with the tasks. They're opened one by one. You can't get access to all the documents at once.

3. You're sending completed homework 24 hours prior to the meeting. Otherwise, mentor has a right not to check it.

I'm excluding from the course without refund if you have 5 out of the following:
1. cancellation / transfer of the meetings less than 24 hours prior to the meeting or being late without a notice. It's relevant for both offline and online students. Meetings during May Day, Easter holidays, New Year and March 8 can be transferred individually upon agreement with the mentor.

2. 5 fuckups* on written and audio homework.

*a fuckup:
a) you didn't send the homework at all;
b) written or audio homework was sent to the mentor later than 24 hours before the meeting.

Every mentor fills in the Table of fuckups and you can keep yourself informed about your progress at any time. And about the progress of others.
Important! Don't be afraid. We exclude once in 3-4 months. Usually everyone comes aimed at efficient learning and there're no problems.
Are you ready to plunge into English and to be blown away with your progress after a month of the course?

Fill in the form and we'll contact you and choose time and date of the interview. If we have enough places, you can even start on the following day after the interview.
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